Eligibility Criteria


ECE Professional Development Bursary Fund


Eligibility and Funding Guidelines


Background Information

Westcoast Child Care Family Centres (Westcoast), formerly known as Westcoast Childcare Resource Centre is administering Phase 2 of The ECE Professional Development Bursary Fund until February 17, 2024. This funding is part of the Early Learning and Child Care Agreement with the Government of Canada. Funds will be distributed to charitable not-for-profit agencies (qualified donees) who support the ongoing training needs of early childhood educators and child care providers in communities across British Columbia. This funding is available for ongoing professional development after certification or licensing. This funding is not for entry-to-practice training or pre-service certification programs.


Who is eligible to apply for bursary funds?

Non-profit, registered charitable agencies in British Columbia are eligible to request funding to provide professional development (outside of their regular programming) for the following child care professionals

  • Early childhood educator 
  • Early childhood educator assistant
  • School-age child care provider
  • Licensed family child care provider
  • Registered license-not-required child care provider
  • Those care providers who have completed the Responsible Adult course


What types of professional development are eligible for bursary funding?

Non-profit charitable agencies that plan to offer a community of practice, conference, course or workshop relevant to the early learning and child care field. Topics may include:

  • The Early Learning Framework
  • Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework
  • Child growth and development
  • Child guidance
  • Advocacy for children, families and the field
  • History of early childhood education
  • Self-care as related to supporting effective practice
  • Development of program policies
  • Human resource issues
  • Managing child care programs
  • Maintaining children’s health, safety and nutrition
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Inclusive Practice
  • Special needs
  • Infant & toddler

Professional development must be offered by a facilitator and/or trainer who has the necessary or recognized background and experience to deliver the content. Training related to basic requirements (e.g. first aid, food safe) or basic running of a business will not be eligible, nor will courses, workshops or conferences taking place outside of BC


    What training expenses are eligible for bursary support?

    Agencies may use bursary funds to reduce the following costs:

    • Reduced Registration fees
    • Resources for participants
    • Speaker/Facilitation costs
    • Catering costs
    • Facility rentals
    • Personal child care: (maximum of $100.00 per day)
    • Travel and accommodations for participants – Travel and accommodation costs are prioritized for those who are living in rural or remote areas of the province, for whom travel costs represent a significant barrier to accessing professional development opportunities.
    How will I know my agency’s application is approved?

    If your agency’s application meets the eligibility criteria, it will be subject to review and approval of the application form and sufficient funds remaining in the bursary fund. Your agency will receive an email confirming the approval of the application. If we need clarification about the application we will contact you by email or phone.

    How will my agency receive the bursary funds?

    Funds will be transferred electronically to the agency after a confirmation letter or memorandum of understanding is finalized. Arrangements will be made if alternative methods of payment delivery are necessary.

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