Bursary Fund Report Form

Bursary Fund Report Form


This application will take about 1 hour to complete. 

There is no way to save this form online and finish it later.  


You may wish to download this form to review the questions and collect the necessary information before answering these questions online.  



12. Identify the number of participants from each professional level who attended this professional development. 

14. How many of the participants self-declared as First Nations, Métis or Inuit?

16. *Comments from participants are very important for evaluating the impact of this Bursary Fund Project. Upload or insert any feedback/comments/quotes from participants.

22. Event Expenses: 

Please upload a file that shows how Bursary funds were used and the final balance.  If Bursary funds were used to reduce registration fees, please describe the full cost of the registration fee and the amount that was supplemented by the Bursary funds.

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