Bursary Fund – Agency Application

Bursary Fund - Agency Application

Bursary Fund - Agency Application


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Before you begin you will need know:

  1. Your agency’s Charity Registration Number (A charity registration number is 15-digit program account number assigned to a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency).
  2. The format of training you will offer (community of practice, conference, course, retreat, institute, workshop)
  3. A list of anticipated costs for this professional development

A. Contact Information

(* Indicates Required Field)

B. Requirements for Funding

Non-Profit Charity Status

To be eligible for bursary funds:

  1. Your agency must be a non-profit organization that provides professional development for child care professionals.
  2. Your agency must be a qualified donee with a Charity Registration Number. 


Demographic Information

The Bursary Fund Program is mandated to collect information that shows who benefited from the Bursary’s financial support. If approved for Bursary Funding, you are required to collect and report the following information from participants who participated in the training:

  • Postal codes of all participants 
  • Indigenous status (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) of all participants
  • Professional Designation (ECE, ECEA, School Age, LNR, RNLRs, or any other professional designation) of all participants
  • Francophone (any participant whose first language is French) participants

This information is typically collected at the time individuals register for the training.

C. Evaluation

(Click here to view report form)

D. Professional Development Plan

A key objective of this Bursary Fund is to build capacity among child care professionals. This is interpreted as “building the potential for a person to experience, demonstrate or perform a competency/expression or understanding.” 

To measure how the bursary funds impacted participants you will be asked to include this question (which may be customized to suit your context) on the post-event survey. 

The ECE Professional Development Bursary Program subsidized **** (insert the costs that were subsidized, i.e. registration, transportation, accommodation etc. )  for this event. In what ways did these reduced rates make a difference for you in this learning experience?

E. Anticipated Costs

1. Describe your agency’s plans for using Bursary Funds. Consider costs such as reducing registration, subsidizing travel expenses, accommodation, learning resources, speaker fees, facility rental, and/or catering. If Bursary funds are requested to reduce registration fees, please describe the full cost of the registration fee in the Description field and the amount supplemented by the Bursary funds in the Cost field.


2. Describe other funding or any other revenue you expect to obtain in order to also further reduce the costs to participants.


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